This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

DuckShop is obsolete.

Because of other projects, I am now leaving DuckShop behind.

For another simple, well-designed alternative, see SignShop.

If you want to make your own version, fork it on GitHub. You don't need permission, as long as you don't call it DuckShop.

DuckShop is a simple plugin that lets you use signs to create shops. Simply create a sign with what to trade, connect the chest, and go!

Simplicity of use is the real sign of a well designed product whether it is an ATM or a Patriot missile.
     —Daniel Ling


  • Supports Lockette, LWC and WorldGuard (since version 26; uses "chest-access" flag)
  • Supports all major economy plugins via Register
  • Works even without an economy plugin! (Money transactions will still fail though)
  • Permissions—both the old Permissions and Superperms.
  • Supports damage values (e.g. colored wool, dye) with actual names.
  • The Fill-O-Meter. That is all.


Download the latest version and pop it into your plugins folder. Then set up Permissions with these nodes:

  • duckshop.use.*
  • duckshop.create.personal
  • duckshop.break.personal

See the main documentation for more info.


See the Documentation for documentation!

Sturgeon General's Warning: Make sure you stop the server using the stop command. If you just click the X button to close it, nothing gets saved properly and files could become corrupted.


Unstable builds are available at build page (which has discreetly stopped working. How nice of it.)

Source is at GitHub. Feel free to fork! Is that an aliteration? Goodness gracious!


I've spent hours making DuckShop and learned a lot about Java along the way. If you like it, please donate!

My Bitcoin address is 12oNDcYKQgH3QTMm2rChMC4a6FdQC65wLb.

This spoon is too big.

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