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The most recent download is found here! v.1.2

What are Dubstep Guns?

Dubstep Guns (for now) is a diamond sword with knock back. But here is where it gets fancy, the sword is renamed with a new Name and Item meta and when you click with the 'gun' in your hand you start the sounds of dubstep! Also I decided to add in a custom crafting recipe for people to recieve this weapon.

How does this work?

When you download Dubstep Guns ou will get a zip file with 2 things inside it. A .jar file and a folder. You need to drag both of those items into your servers plugin folder. The if you decide to look in the folder you will see a file called Song.nbs. DON'T touch this unless you know 100% what you are doing and want to change the song. So when you right click it plays the song in that folder directory.

Commands and Permissions

There are some commands and permissions for this plugin but not much.

/dubstepdubstepgun.getUse a command to get the gun
dubstepgun.useBe allowed to use the dubstep gun

Custom Crafting (Beta)

SUPRISE! There is a custom crafting recipe for the Dubstep Gun!



Just a full list of all the features in the plugin for people who are interested. The list will be updated as more features get added!

  • Custom crafting recipe
  • Custom Item name and Item meta
  • Cool sounds!
  • Easy to use perms & cmds
  • Stops music on player death



So when you download this plugin you will get a zip file with the 2 files inside that you need to put in your servers plugin folder.


You MUST download NoteBlock API to use this plugin. It wouldn't work without it! Basically NoteBlock API is what is able to play the Song.nbs file in the folder for Dubste Guns.

Planned Features

A list of all the features possibly being added in the future!

Stop music on death (v.1.1)

Crafting (v.1.2)

Help me out!


Click HERE to donate - (It should say Reflex Donation for the purpose.)


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