Description: 3.5 - 4.0

Description: 3.5 - 4.0 


This plugin was created by Dandielo and his work was basically creating a easy set up for a "Admin shops" using the external Citizens (Citizens2) plugin.


Dandielo has abandoned dtlTraders, and we from 4Creation has taken over his plugin to continue his project and his hard work that he has putted on it all those years. thanks Dandielo :)





  • Allows to use 3 different trader types ("wallet", "trader", "banker"), each type has his own features.
  • Use price patterns to create pricing tiers for your VIP ranks.
  • Use item patterns to set prices for damaged items!
  • Displays prices using the new bukkit  for item lores and names!
  • Use one of 4 wallets that may affect the economy in different ways, and much more!


  • Download dtlTraders files (including Dtltraders and Dtlcore)(since version: 3.5.0). Since version "3.5.2" is dtltraders ONE plugin.
  • Extract the file and place Dtltraders.jar, Dtlcore.jar into your plugins folder.
  • Download Citizens (Citizens2) and place that into your plugins folder as well.
  • You also need Vault and ANY economy plugin.
  • Start your server.
  • Installation is done.


Creating a Server Trader:

To easily create this type of traders you just need to add the /trader trait to an NPC, or use the /trader create name command.



Add trait to an existing NPC:

  • /trait trader

Create a new Server Trader:

  • /trader create the_traders_name

This will create a default trader, with an infinite wallet, so he has a limitless amount of money !


Managing a trader:

  • To manage a trader you need to be Op, or have required permissions.
  • Right clicking the trader with a stick will switch On/Off manage mode for him.
  • When in manage mode, you just right click him again, and you will see an inventory, with 4 wools on the bottom right side.
  • To add an item to the traders stock just grab it from your inventory, and put it into the trader inventory. Don't shift click items! (Disable manage mode if you need to add items in your inventory!)
  • To switch between selling and buying items click on the most bottom right wool.
  • To change the prices for items, click on the Black wool, it will show a message.
  • Now you take the special blocks in your inventory, and click with it on the item you want to change the price for.

Left click will increase the price, right click will decrease the price

Special blocks:

  1. Stone counts as 10000 * amount
  2. Cobblestone counts as 1000 * amount
  3. Dirt counts as 100 * amount
  4. Wooden Plank counts as 1 * amount
  5. Log counts as 0.1 * amount
  6. Gravel counts as 10 * amount


Video tutorial:

This is a tutorial from 5 years ago, there are some changes but the most basics things are the same, thanks to angrylandmammal for this tutorial:


Embed Removed:



dtlTraders v3.5

  1. ItemData suported 11+:
    - Name Done!,
    - Lore Done!,
    - Durability Done!,
    - Enchants Done!,
    - Stored Enchants Done!,
    - Color Done!,
    - Potions Done!,
    - Skulls Done!,
    - Fireworks Done!,
    - Books Done!
  2. Core
    - SQL logging planing,
    - Economy and wallets 100% done,
    - Commands still needs to be checked,
    - Settings still needs to be checked,
    - Debugger 100% done




  1. Taking a look, and check for more advanced extra's for dtltraders


3rd party developers:

Developers of other plugins can create "Attributes" and "Flags" or "Currencies" using the CORE ItemAttrib, ItemFlag interfaces and the Traders "Transaction/Currency" interface to make it compatible with dtltraders.


Hyperlink: Click Here


Thanks to make your plugin compatible with dtltraders :)


Converting from Cititraders:

Cititrader saves are going to be loaded with "temporary" traits that this plugin uses, so when you have both plugins this may cause an error, it will also remove those traits so before converting be sure to make a backup

This is still a beta conversion tool so it might not convert all data or convert it a bit wrong but you just need to add to the config this node "cititrader.convert", under the "trader" configuration so it looks like this:

        convert: true

After it's done best is to remove this. More over, Cititraders can't be on the server when converting!



You can also contact US at mail:


Or you can contact US on skype (thats our skype username):




Translation files for dtltraders can be found: here

You need to replace the locale.xx.yml file on the plugin folder of dtltraders to the translated language you want! (copy/paste text)



Our thanks:

  1. Dandielo // For making this awesome project.



Created with our experience @4Creation


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