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    Jun 13, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1



  1. Separated the Item Serialization API from this plugin into dtlCore
  2. Separated NBT access API from this plugin into dtlCore (Allowing this plugin to be more portable!)
  3. Fixed few bugs
  4. Added few more messages to the English locale.
  5. Fixed bugs affecting the new Currency feature.
  6. Lowered plugins complexity a little bit.

3.3 pre1

  1. Added banner support
  2. Created a whole currency API (updated the core classes)
  3. Added currency support for patterns

3.2.3 (book fix)

  1. Quick fix for books loosing data

3.2.3 hotfix

  1. Fixed issues with loading generic attributes (health, damage, speed, knockback resist)
  2. Fixed an issue not saving slots where items where stored
  3. Added further optimization
  4. Cleaned the plugin from old bankers code totally
  5. Made the keyExtension API more flexible


  1. Added support for player resource currencies (health, food level, experience, levels)
  2. Made some performance upgrades
  3. Updated the API (plugins like Magic will break with this update for now)
  4. Extended the API to allow using "custom" currencies
  5. Fixed a few things along

3.2.2 Beta

  1. Added UUID support
  2. Fixed some issues with loading
  3. Fixed some issue with saving

3.2.1 Beta

  1. Removed because of a compile error

3.2.0 Alpha

  1. Removed because of a compile error


  1. Fixed a lot of issue when switching to MC 1.7
  2. Added possibility to create items with lore, in item patterns
  3. fixed some issue with color codes and item displaying


  1. fixed "trader manage" command, accepts now name as it should :)
  2. added first item pattern support :)
  3. fixed issues with the buy stock not showing up
  4. now all items are saved with the material name instead of ID, you can now see the names of your items in the saves.yml :)
  5. maybe some more things I've forgotten (as always)


  1. made dtlTraders any bukkit version compatible :)
  2. fixed a lot of issues with price patterns
  3. fixed the left-click mm toggling issue
  4. hopefully disallowed any way of duping items for ever! :D
  5. added a new command /trader manage <name/id>
  6. added new UI settings to the locale file
  7. changed the API to add compatibility with RPGItem plugin
  8. probably much more I've forgot to write down here :P


  1. fixed issues with /pattern commands (requires locale reseting)
  2. fixed issue with /trader help command
  3. fixed issue with prices if trader got only invalid patterns
  4. fixed issue with reseting prices with "stack price" flag enabled
  5. fixed some more other things I don't remember lol


  1. fixed an issue making dtlTraders use a lot of CPU
  2. removed online logging for now
  3. added .nostack option


  1. fixed some message issues
  2. added price patterns :)
  3. added online logging system :D
  4. added more duped items control
  5. enabled bit more config nodes
  6. soon more commands come :)


  1. fixed some issues with commands
  2. fixed issues with backward version compatibility
  3. fixed a bunch of other issues i don't remember :P
  4. updated the locale (needs to be reseted)
  5. added more lore information
  6. added a new wallet type
  7. added compatibility with Citizens2 npc colored names (in stock names)
  8. added written books simple compatibility :)


  1. Total recode!