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This is a work in progress to permit the discussion between your Bukkit server and your PyroCMS site.

Module PyroCMS 2.2.x

Click to download the Version v0.1


Put the folder 'dtlstats' into your modules's folder.
Install the module through your administration panel.

When installed you must set the IP/Domain of your bukkit server and the same port fixed in your plugins/dtlstats/config.yml on your 'settings' tab.


The module contains and instanciate libraries needed to communicated with your bukkit's dtlStats.
When installed and setup fixed it is ready to use.

If you want to test it you can put some of this Lex tags on your views:

<!-- echo IP/Domain -->
{{ dtlstats:server }}
<!-- echo Port -->
{{ dtlstats:port }}
<!-- echo number of registered listeners with your bukkit's dtlStats-->
{{ dtlstats:listenerCount }}
<!-- Send a dummy broadcast message -->
{{ dtlstats:message }}


You can complete the plugin.php to add your new functions to obtain more Lex tags to use in your views or you can use on a PHP way the object $this->dtlstats.

You can retrieve info stored by a plugin in bukkit's dtlStats or sending info to a specific bukkit's plugin's function.

First of all you must setup the bukkit's plugin name which registered its Listener on dtlStats:

// For example the dtlStats 's plugin itself

After that you can call the method you want by its name fixed with the tag "@Stat(name = "listenerCount")" by example or "@Stat(name = "message")".

If the method was registered as a Listener on the bukkit's plugin you will retrieve response with the 'get' on PHP side and it returns value.

$nbListener = $this->dtlstats->get("listenerCount");
echo $nbListener;

If the method was registered as an Updater on the bukkit's plugin you will retrieve response with the 'update' on PHP side.

$this->dtlstats->update("message", "Hello from PyroCMS using the great dtlStats!");


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