People were asking me to share this plugin from a private server, so now it's public! :)


image of heads added in 1.14


  • Heads of any player or mob (ex: pink sheep, brown horse, angry wolf)
  • Heads stack properly, and mob head textures refresh whenever dropped or mined.
  • Textures are stable (not bound to a player skin)
  • Fully configurable (see below)


  •  /gethead <name>


Configuration Options

The defaults are designed to work well for most any server, but if you want to change them, here's a sample of what you can do:

  • Only drop player heads
  • Only drop heads when killed by a player
  • Adjust head drop rates (per mob)
  • Adjust looting drop rate modifier
  • Adjust drop rates when using specific tools or weapons
  • Require use of specific weapon(s) to get heads (ex: gold axe)
  • Adjust drop rates based on spawn conditions (eg: give mobs from spawners a lower head-drop rate)
  • Change any of the head textures
  • Automatic updates, bringing new textures and features (enabled by default)
  • Enable charged creeper head drops (configure per mob)
  • ...And more.  Check out the config files over in the source repository


Q: Can I edit the head textures (i.e., for a resource pack)?
A: Yes!  Look into the head-list.txt file

Q: How do I modify mobs' head drop rates based on spawn reason?
A: Edit the spawn-cause modifiers.txt in the config folder

Q: Lag?
A: Virtually none

Q: I'm moving from a different heads plugin?
A: DropHeads is a drag-n-drop replacement for all plugins I've tested, but if you have any issues let me know!

Q: My server runs on an older version of Minecraft?
A: Sorry, DropHeads is not currently backwards-compatible.  You can download older versions of DropHeads from under the Files tab, or use a different plugin with support for multiple versions, such as PlayerHeads.


In the works...

  • DropHeads as an API add-on to PlayerHeads, so you can get the cross-version support of PlayerHeads but the configuration features and additional textures from DropHeads!
  • Tropical Fish CCP head-generator
  • More config options!

Known issues

  • Currently, there are no good heads for the following mobs:
    • Giant (just looks like zombie)
    • PolarBear (exists, but texture is kind of ugly)
    • Tropical Fish (3104 head varieties--need to find an automated way to generate them all)

If you find a bug or can help with the missing heads, please let me know! :-)



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