Extra Add-ons

For features which are a bit more niche / not present in the core DropHeads plugin.


•  PeacefulPetHeads

A plugin to give non-murderous methods to get heads from the configured animals -- options for healing, taming, breeding, through feeding.
- suggested by hirata-estate


• Invulnerable Items

A general purpose plugin for item invulnerability, but specifically useful because it supports "head:<mob type>" format, for example to make nether-mob heads immune to fire.
- suggested by sovtec


• ChangeHeads

Adds the /changeTexture command which can change the skin of any hand-held player_head.
- suggested by Jacold_


•  Head Timestamps (not well tested)

Adds a configurable format datetime or ingame-world-time lore text to heads specifying when the behead occurred.
- suggested by sovtec


Ignore Behead Messages (not well tested)

Adds commands to toggle/ignore death & behead messages from other players
- suggested by sovtec


• Nonliving Entity Heads (WIP)

Add heads for Minecarts, TNT, Falling Blocks, Snowballs, Fireballs, Thrown XP Bottles, and more, with custom ways of obtaining (e.g., shearing primed TNT to defuse it with % chance of dropping head vs item form)


• Multi-Texture Single-Mob (WIP)

Allow a mob (or mob sub-type) to randomly choose one out of a selection of several texture variations when dropping a head.
- suggested by muurkkk