Ender Drops (Drop prevention)

Ender Drops

* What does it do?
The Ender Drops has the functionality to cancel drops when the player has "drop.block" Permission
* How do i use it?
It's very simple to use it.
  1. Download and put it in your plugins folder
  2. Run your server
  3. Stop the server and add the permission "drop.allow" to the group you want to allow to drop items/blocks
  4. Run again and have fun!
* Permissions
  1. drop.allow ==> ======Allow item dropping======
  2. drop.admin ==> ======Admin permission======
  3. drop.enderchest ==> ======Allow player to use /enderchest======
  • [Permission can be changed in config]
* Configuration
  • Change the "configok" to false to reset the file.
  • [We now have 5 options in config!]
  • permission -> permission to allow player to drop items.
  • drop_message -> message that the player get when try to drop an item.
  • inv_full_add_to_enderchest -> if true, "/enderchest" will be enabled and drops will be teletransported to player's enderchest if player's inventory is full.
  • admin_permission -> permission to recieve an update message (when there is an update).
  • enderchest_permission -> permission to allow players to use /enderchest.
* Commands
  • /enderchest -> Open player's enderchest
* Compatibility
Lastest version is compatible with Spigot/Bukkit 1.8+.


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