Dream Messages

Dream Messages

This project requires SQLibrary 7.1+ plugin in order to function.


DreamMessages lets admins give players dreams - or nightmares. Here's how it works:

When a player leaves a bed, the plugin checks what time of day it is - if it's daytime (in other words, they slept through the night) then a message appears in aqua. If it's a nightmare, they have a bit of dizzyness and weakness for a few moments after waking.

To create dreams, anyone with the dreams.admin permission node simply types

dreams add (dream|nightmare) Tonight you dreamed of a creeper standing at the foot of your bed.

Use this to give clues to treasures for RPG maps, or make a list of pure nightmares for October / Halloween. Dreams are rad. Have fun.

Using Dream Messages? Try Insomnia.

Players might not be ready to sleep to get dreams. Change the dynamic by making sleepless players get insomnia - they'll start finding beds pretty quick!


Depends on the excellent Sqlibrary 7.1+ written by PatPeter. It will not load without this library.

Designed for Spigot 1.8.


dreams list

Lists all dreams currently in the database.

dreams add (dream|nightmare) blah blah foo foo

Adds a dream or nightmare. Here's a few examples:

dreams add dream Tonight you dreamed of fields of wheat, shimmering in the breeze. Today is going to be a great day.

or, alternately:

dreams add nightmare You awake, shaking in terror - you dreamed of a ghast over a vast lava lake, screaming hopelessly into the blackness.

Note the third word - dream or nightmare. This sets the effects and text color of the dream.

dreams delete <id>

This deletes whatever number dream you put in there. So dreams delete 1 would delete the first listing in the dreams database.



Players with this permission setting receive dreams when waking. By default, all players have this permission.


Players with this permission can use the commands above.


There is only one setting in the configuration file.

debug can be true or false; this toggles how much output is in the console window.

Source Code

Source is available at https://github.com/ralphhogaboom/DreamMessages.


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