Improve ressource price informations #238

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  • Forge_User_53756188 created this issue Jan 17, 2016


    On Minecraft KingDown, we use an item like money (I dislike virtuel money) : the Perles. We use a monster egg modified (Name and lore).

    So, I think it could be better to have the possibility to set more informations about the Ressource item.

    Currently, we can set :

        ItemType: MONSTER_EGG
        ItemName: &r&lPerle

    I propose to add the possibility to set :

        ItemType: MONSTER_EGG
        ItemData: 0
        ItemName: &r&lPerle
        - This is the first line
        - &4This is the second line with red color

    What do you think about this ?

    PS : Another plugin propose this possibility to set all informations about an item : ShopKeeper

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