Dragon Freight #182

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  • _ForgeUser7920713 created this issue Nov 11, 2013

    An idea for development - Dragon freighters. Allows players to offload items from inv to be delivered home when out in the world somewhere. To work along the lines of '/dt home' but shipping items from the players location rather than the player themselves,
    A command '/dt setInventoryLocation' to select a chest, furnace, hopper or something with an inventory slot that when called loads location, storage capacity, chest ownership, etc onto file.
    Then a second command '/dt freight' or whatever which when called opens player inv and setInventorylocation inv allowing players to drag relevant items from one inv to the next. Then, closing inventory triggers event handler to begin animation of dragon flight and delays actual loading of setInventoryLocation from saved file until the dragon reaches it's destination.
    Opening setInventoryLocation inv when calling '/dt freight' should give basic error handling and stop overflowing of chests and saving to file on '/dt setInventoryLocation' should cover any random server stoppages and data loss of dragons in flight and so be reasonably robust too.
    Like the idea? Too much to implement?

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