DragonTravel v01.003.18


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    Jan 2, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


        - Fallback option for Wingfixer (stat dragons) and RyeDragon implementation
        - Players are no longer able to pick up items while riding dragons
        - Towny support (Thanks to DrkMatr1984!)
        - New messages
        - Commented out support for items with modified meta data because it caused problems for umodified items
        - Commented out support for new permissions since there seem to be some problems with it
        - When using resource payment and using an item type whose name has not
          been modified in meta data, payment did not work.
          ItemName "<default>" is new default value and means,
          there is no change to meta data while dealing with payment
        - Players are no longer getting stuck on interworld travels
        - Resolved bug in method used to prevent WorldGuard from preventing DT to spawn dragons
        - Created missing entries in language files
        - Display names of stationary dragons are no longer lowercase-only
        - Incorrect path of error message "Not enough money" leading to errors in log and chat
        - Adjusted some log messages
        - Fixed some translations in German
        - Permission bug in command "/dt remdragons"
        - Language files for
            - Danish
            - French
            - Spanish
          since there have not been updated for a long time
        - General code-cleanups and small fixes