DragonTravel v01.001.27


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    Aug 1, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


IMPORTANT: DragonTravel will have backwards compatibility from now on. This version begins that support and works with 1.8.7 and 1.7.10 builds (the latest revisions of each version).

- Complete re-factor and tidy up!
- Added an auto updater to retrieve the latest version of the plugin. (N.B. Volatile! Do not forget we still need to create a new version on each update increment, so this will only work fine for you if you have not changed build. If you have, visit this page again for the latest information on new builds. Toggle-able in the config.
- Added in the new version of Metrics with a fancy custom graph. It might appear here some time soon but we would appreciate its use. Toggle-able in the config.
- A lot of methods have been smoothed over to make this plugin run faster.
- New file format added for current configurations. No changes need to be made by you as this will be done automatically.
- Stationary dragons have been completely remade. They are now more easily tracked (in a similar way to stations) and will not snap to right angles.
- Dragon also prepared for additional features on the way, such as unmanned timed flights and free flight mode (pet).
- Stations, flights, and stationary dragons can now have coloured display names. Use '&' for colour and '_' for spaces!
- Journeys now use the boss bar to display a small message. This will involve the display name as mentioned before. It uses the same message as the in-chat confirmation. (N.B. It will crop the string to fit within the limit on boss bar titles.)
- Dragon rotation now has a different mechanism that complements the Minecraft concept for its benevolent flying creature. In order to get snappy rotations however, we recommend a breadcrumb system on turns to force update the dragon's direction. Unfortunately there is only so much we can do for this!
- We now have a basic API for developers! It can be accessed through the use of RyeDragonAPI and provides a limited access to some of the internal features of the plugin. This could be useful for RPG plugins looking to add a little extra juice to the experience they give!
- Command interface has been completely remade (helped by Riking). It is now a lot cleaner and follows the basic Minecraft format. Typing /dt help <command> will give detailed information on usage, whilst /dt help gives a list of commands. (N.B. There are now plenty more aliases so be sure to check them out and find your favourites!).
- Permissions have been greatly expanded (helped again by Riking) to provide even greater control for administrators. The old ones will continue to work.
- Added a skylight requirement, requested feature, which requires the start location to be the highest block at that X,Z co-ordinate.
- Fixed the item payment handler to work with items that have a custom name.
- Plenty of tickets have been resolved over the past few weeks so be sure to check them out as a lot of great features have and will be popping up from them.