DragonTravel Beta 1.2


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    Jan 20, 2012
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------>DELETE YOUR OLD DATABASES! <----------

- added signs for stations and destinations
        use signs on stations to let them mount a player by clicking on it
        Make a destination sign like this(you must be in the station radius):

           Cost <--------(if "Economy" activated in config)

    - you are not able to make /dt travel, if "UseStation" is enabled in the config,
        as the signs do handle the travelling to destinations.
        /dt ctravel and /dt ptravel still work also when "UseStation" activated.

    - added "PayTravel","PayCoords","PaytoPlayer", which are in the config
        for setting each a specific amount of money to withdraw from the player.
        if the amount set is "0.0", there will not be any message on the withdraw.
    - added new database Signs.mini
    - removed unecessary databases tempA and tempB
    - added a show server which you can visit if you don't get it:
        notice: there are some weird german signs, written really badly, so dont mind about them :p