DragonAntiPvpLeaver (DAPL) is a lightweight version of AntiPvPLogger. Based on NPCLib and AntiPvPLogger.

IMPORTANT You need the right version since the Wolverness commit.


  • Spawn an NPC if enemy player logs out
  • DAPL/NPC spawn disabled if player got kicked *new in*
  • WorldGuard support
  • Factions 2.0+ support
  • Possible to only spawn NPC if enemy player is nearby
  • Increase in NPC lifetime if an NPC takes damage
  • Multi-language support, messages configurable
  • Broadcasts NPC events only around a specified radius
  • Bypass permission (dragonantipvpleaver.bypass)
  • Metrics statics
  • h14ix Updater (default you get only a notification)

How it works:
If a player logs out (if npc.spawn.onlyIfPlayerNearby is set on true a player must be in the config defined npc.spawn.distance) an NPC spawns at the position of the left player. You can kill the NPC and loot the player. When the player rejoins the server, he dies. The NPC despawns after a specified time (see npc.spawn.time). If the NPC takes any kind of damage, his despawn time increases by npc.spawn.additionalTimeIfUnderAttack.


  • Maintenance the plugin

This plugin fetches the newest version from the dev.bukkit page. You can disable this feature in the config.yml. Set "autoupdate" to "off".
This plugin used Hidendra's plugin metrics system and send custom data to mcstats.org. For more details the see DAPL Metrics page.

Config: config.yml
Source: https:github.com/IDragonfire/DragonAntiPvPLeaver


Thanks to Serilum for maintenance.
Thanks to keptlv for the image banners.
Thanks to all users that updating the NPCLib from Top-Cat.

Jump to 38sec to skip installation and see the plugin in action
more videos: youtube.com


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