DPEnchant is an extention to the DonationPoints plugin that allows players to purchase Enchantments for their weapons / tools using their DonationPoints. This plugin was made for personal use and to test out the API included in DonationPoints.


  • DonationPoints
  • Vault

How It Works

DPEnchant hooks into DonationPoints accounts / databases and allows users to purchase enchantments directly toward their weapons or tools through command. The cost of each enchantment can be configured via the config file that is generated at startup. It hooks to the DonationPoints database to pull information such as account names, dates, logs, etc. Upon purchase it will equip the weapon in hand with the enchantment that the user requested.

  • This plugin prevents "unsafe" enchantments. This means that the enchantment can't go higher than the natural max level. Meaning No Level 30 Durability, etc. A config option to disable this safety check may be added at a later time.
  • This plugin disables enchantments from being added that can't normally be added to an item. This prevents Knockback cookies, etc.
  • This plugin prevents enchantments from overriding each other and you can add as many enchantments as you want to an item. It checks the enchantments to prevent double purchasing + wasting DonationPoints.


  • /enchant list
    • This will list all of the enchantments available for the item in your hand.
  • /enchant <enchantment> <level>
    • This will add the enchantment for the price defined in the config. This uses Bukkit's enchantment naming, so things like Silk Touch, becomes silk_touch.
    • If no level is defined, it assumes that it should use level 1.


  • dpenchant.enchant
    • Allows enchanting of an item with points.
  • dpenchant.list
    • Allows use of the list sub-command.


The config file features the name of the enchantment as seen when you use /enchant list, as well as the available levels for the enchantment. Example:

    1: 100

By default, all enchantment costs are made up using a simple equation: ((MaxLevel / AmountOfLevels) * Level). You can change the costs to fit your server though.


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