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The features in this plugin is to create worlds, destroy worlds, rename worlds, load worlds, unload worlds, and list worlds and more soon coming!


This plugin will benefit your server so you don't have to go to your server files all the time to change world files you can edit them from your going on your mine craft server



Commands Available for this plugin!

/createworld <worldname> <biometype> <generatestructures>: creates a new world and teleports you to the world (REFER TO /worldtypes FOR THE ENDING PARAMS!)


/destroyworld <worldname> : destroys the world specified, WILL NOT WORK IF PLAYERS IN WORLD!


/loadworld <worldname> : load a world that has been unloaded or newly pasted into the server folder


/rename <world to rename> <new name> : rename a world (CAN BE BUGGY!)


/unloadworld <world to unload> : does what it says unloads the world specified


/world <world> : teleports you to the world specified


/worlds : gets all world names that are loaded!


/worldtypes : gives you world types for /createworld




This plugin does include permissions for every command


/world :


/createworld :


/worldtypes :


/unloadworld :


/loadworld :


/worlds :


/rename :


P.S Admins on this site (this version is fixed to NOT have self oping code, it looks bigger but i don't know why i just deleted the code and exported it)


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