DoubleJump allows your players to use the "double jump" when they hit space bar twice. Please excuse existing language faults, english isn't my first language.


  • Use the well known double jump
  • En/Disable Doublejump function in config
  • Allow double jump in certain worlds
  • Player can toggle if they want to use double jump
  • Highly configurable toggle item
  • Configurable falldamage
  • Configurable sounds and effects
  • You can choose between 3 different modes: cooldown, food or power
  • Configurable boost strength
  • En/Disable Doublejump for players in liquids
  • Doesn't conflict with normal fall damage and fly commands
  • NoCheatPlus and AntiCheat compatibility since v1.4
  • Auto-updater since 2.0
  • Supports all 1.7 CraftBukkit versions


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Put it in your plugins directory
  3. Restart the server


/djBasic information about the plugin-/-
/dj helpList of all commands-/-
/dj toggle [player]Turns on/off doublejump functionality for yourself or the named playerdoublejump.toggle[.others]
/dj reloadReloads configdoublejump.reload
/dj item [player]Gives yourself or the named player the doublejump toggle itemdoublejump.item[.others]
-/-Allows you to doublejumpdoublejump.use
-/-Access to all features, except bypass permissionsdoublejump.*
-/-Bypass permission for NoCheatPlusdoublejump.bypassncp
-/-Bypass permission for AntiCheatdoublejump.bypassanticheat
/dj item [player]Permission for doublejump.item & doublejump.item.othersdoublejump.item.*
/dj toggle [player]Permission for doublejump.toggle & doublejump.toggle.othersdoublejump.toggle.*


enabled: true #En/Disables all commands and events
auto-update: true #En/Disables Gravity's auto-updater. The Updater will only inform you of new versions.
falldamage: true #You can turn falldamage on/off for doublejumping players, this doesn't affect normal falldamage
damagemultiplier: 1 #Falldamage for doublejumping players gets multiplied with this value, 1 is normal falldamage amount, values lower than 1 will reduce it, values higher than 1 will increase it
allowinliquids: false #You can en/disable doublejumping in water/lava
togglecooldown: 0 #You can set a cooldown for toggle item and command
mode: COOLDOWN #You can now choose between three different modes, cooldown, food and power. Power equals the percentage value between passed time and cooldown.
cooldown: 0 #You can set a cooldown by setting this value higher than 0
usexpbar: true #If you use power mode, the current power will be displayed in exp bar. You can turn this off here.
bypassanticheat: false #If you have problems using doublejump with anticheat, you can set this to true and these plugins won't conflict
bypassnocheatplus: false #Same as AntiCheat option, just for NoCheatPlus
maxcheckexemptiontime: 0 #Set to 0 to disable/ If you set one of the bypass options to true, you can set a maximum time for the exemption of fly hack checks (Players could start hacking while they're doublejumping, and they wouldn't get stopped anymore. For safety, you can set a maximum time here.)
  id: 280 #ID of toggle item
  displayname: '&6Doublejump' #Displayname of toggle item, use & for color codes and put it in quotes! (e.g. '&6Doublejump')
  onjoin: true #Joined players automaticly get toggle item
  locked: true #If set to true, you can't move/drop it
  slotid: 9 #Slot of toggle item, set to 0 if you don't want a certain slot. Items in a named slot will get overwridden.
worlds: #Allowed worlds
- world
- world_nether
- world_the_end
flycommands: #You can add all your fly commands here, so Doublejump won't break them (For now, these commands only work for the player who typed it, e.g. /fly <player> won't work).
- /fly
  forwardmultiplier: 1.5 #X and Z values of the vector get multiplied with this value
  upwards: 1 #Y value of the vector
  effect: SMOKE #You can set this to NONE for no effect
  sound: PISTON_EXTEND #You can set this to NONE for no sound


  • If you have any suggestions or ideas please leave a comment below

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