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This plugin enforces the rules and helps with the game mechanics of Zealock's Minecraft: Dota Map.

Requires Multiverse-Core

The map, made by Zealock which I take no credit for:

This game requires a minimum of 4 players to play properly (2v2). 12 players is recommended (6v6).

There's a fan made tutorial video in Portuguese (which I do not understand):

Other Download Links

If you insist on not using Multiverse, you can download the discontinued legacy 1.6 version here, which does not require multiverse.

Click here for a full list of files.

Source for the plugin can be found on GitHub.


  • Config options to set (eg. WorldName) - the config will be auto-generated on first run
    • WorldName must not contain spaces or periods
  • For the plugin to be enabled, Enable must be set to true in the config
  • The plugin does not include a way to transport players to the Dota world. Players must run "/mv tp Minecraft_dota" or something similar
  • View the default config.yml here


  • Type "/dota join" and you will be auto-assigned to a team.
    • People with permission "dota.chooseteam" (default: false) can choose a team by typing "/dota join red" or "/dota join blue".
  • Type "/t MESSAGE" to team chat
  • Type "/dota score" to see the scoreboard
  • Type "/dota restart" to reset the world when the game is over
    • Requires permission "dota.restart" (default: true)
    • This command can only be used once the current match is over, unless the player has permission "dota.forcerestart" (default: false)
    • The map will not be saved so any exploded towers should now be in one piece again
    • If the world did save however, this is a bug which may be caused by a plugin that auto-saves worlds
  • Type "/dota recall" to teleport back to base (default: disabled)
    • Default disabled, has a delay before teleporting you to base
    • Cancels recall if you move


  • Teams - you cannot damage teammates
  • Spawn camping prevention - entering the enemy's spawn area will insta-kill you. (The spawn area is relatively small and makes up the room with the beds.
  • Prevent item stealing - you cannot pick up ANY items in a 70 block radius of the enemy spawn.
  • Respawning - bed spawn locations are automatically set
  • Players cannot access dispensers
  • Block protection - prevent players from breaking or placing blocks
  • Inventories are cleared when joining the server and joining a team
  • Monsters no longer drop items, instead, you will be given the items the monster would have dropped if you were the one who did the last-hit
  • Players keep all items on death unless they die of drowning or lava - this can be disabled in the automatically generated config file.
  • Players cannot toggle switches until there is a player on the other team
  • Players get a stone sword, raw chicken, and a map on join as starting items. players who have previously joined the round will not get starting items again.
  • Players cannot access enemy chests.
  • Optional colored name-tags
  • Option to remove mob armor (since mobs have a chance of spawning with armor)
  • Option to give mobs leather helmet (to prevent burning in sunlight)
  • Implements Metrics
  • World Broadcast Messages:
    • Player join
    • Tower destroyed
    • Team wins

Known Bugs

  • Plugin may stop working after the Dota world is restarted/reloaded (I'm not sure why this happens, as it hasn't happened on my own test server. Make sure you're not running a plugin that auto-saves worlds.)


Restarting the Game

"/dota restart" will kick everybody from the Dota world and reset it.


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