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Disallow color and styling usage, block illegal usernames, filter chat messages, and stop spam, all in one!

The idea

What if... what if there was a simple, compatible and flexible spam fighter?
DontUseThat is aimed at providing a simple way to fight spam, but also to fight chat exploits, add username rules, add a more extensive color and styling permissions system, and all of that in one single plugin.


  • Instant log-in and log-out prevention!
    • Configurable rules!
    • Automatic IP banning (configurable)!
  • Color and styling permissions
  • /plugins and /about permissions
  • Chat timeout (both message and command)
  • IP blocking! (block IPs in chat)
  • Username rules
  • Operator and permission-based warnings (let users with the node know an user attempted to do something he couldn't)


This plugin is still experimental. I am working on it every day to make it better.
DontUseThat is a complex plugin to code. I am administrator on CreenCraft which is currently running the plugin, and the whole community is helping me test everyday. Thanks to them!
I expect to release a first alpha version soon, featuring most of the things I mentioned here.

To-do list

  • Word blacklist
    • Allow wildcards
  • Username blacklist (like work blacklist but only applies to usernames)
  • Login logs
  • Command blacklist (run only from console)?
  • URL blocking
  • Command warning (when player uses commands which are considered "dangerous" (configurable))
  • Emergency command - de-op all players leaving the player who ran the command the only op, this command would be customizable (such as /emergency [password] or /[customcommand] [custom arguments], where customcommand would only be known by the actual physical server operators)
  • Economy transaction watcher (Vault dependency), warnings if big amounts get tranfered (configurable)
  • Any suggestions?


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