Got a problem with guests griefing your server without having full membership? This plugin is for you. Now you can stop any player from building, breaking, attacking, using, stealing, or griefing in any way possible without permission. This plugin is an extremely lightweight, but comprehensive alternative to most built-in protection systems.


  • Deny Build, or Breaking of blocks
  • Deny chest access, door access, or bed access
  • Deny pve or pvp
  • Deny bucket or lighter use

Requirements: Vault, and any Vault supported permissions plugin. See Vault for details.


  • dontbuild.all (allows you to bypass any denybuild check)
  • dontbuild.break
  •<id> (inverts their permission for that block)
  • dontbuild.break.<id> (inverts their permission for that block)
  • (deny flint and steel)
  • dontbuild.bucket
  • dontbuild.bed
  • dontbuild.pve
  • dontbuild.pvp
  • dontbuild.interact (deny clicking or doing anything)

Commands: There are no commands. This plugin only uses permissions.

Installation: To install, just put the .jar file in the /plugins folder and you should be all set.

Got any feature requests, just let me know, but keep it lightweight please.

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