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What is 'DonationPoints'

DonationPoints came from a Bukkit request thread. I was already working on a similar plugin for my own server, so I decided to make it public. This will allow you the admin to give a player points (essentially for anything - but mainly for donating). From there, the player can use these points on 'perks' in-game. You can make the perks whatever you want.

What are Points?

Points are more of a virtual currency. Similar to how iConomy works, but it is more oriented toward donations and using your points to earn perks in-game. The idea behind the plugin is: Player Donates > Player Receives Points > Player Spends points on whatever / whenever. At the moment, the plugin only supplies a method for you giving the points to someone and them spending it, it will not* automatically give them points when they donate. I recommend another plugin, such as BuyCraft, to give a player points automatically. The Server Admin (or anyone with permission) can create packages in the config, and create signs for the packages to purchased on. Please refer to the signs setup guide linked below.


  • Define packages in the config file with custom prices that your players can spend their points on.
    • Your packages contain a list of commands that will be executed from the console. For in-depth package creation, see the packages page listed below.
  • MySQL storage for balances. This allows easy management of points for the server admin while keeping balances secure.
  • Commands to give / take points from players if you need to.
  • Checks for DonationPoints accounts when a player creates a new one to prevent duplicates.
  • Commands and Permissions support.
  • Metrics support.
  • Set packages to expire after an amount of time.
  • Limit the amount of times a user may buy a package, to prevent waste of points.
  • Limits / Expiration can be defined on a per package basis.
  • Easy to follow config. Run commands that are player specific using variables in the commands lists. See package setup for more information.
  • All messages are configurable and neat. Plugin wont spam the player with ugly messages. They all follow the same scheme / colors.

Additional Pages

Dev Builds

I have already begun pushing Dev Builds for v1.6 of the plugin. You can find the latest dev build at the Upcoming Features link right above. Will always be up to date with the changes listed on the page.


If you have a suggestion for the plugin, or a concern, please open a ticket. The ticket tracker provided by Bukkit allows me to manage feature requests and bugs in an effective manner as well as communicate back as progress goes on.


This project is available on GitHub. If you find something that needs fixing, feel free to make a pull request. If you're interested in continuing to develop the plugin, feel free to let me know and we can discuss adding you as a contributor. Click the image below to be taken to the repo. Git

Official Plugins

The following plugins were made with DonationPoints in mind and rely on the DonationPoints API. This means that you must have this plugin installed to use any of the plugins listed below.

DPEnchant - Users can purchase enchantments for their items using DonationPoints.


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