DonationInfo is a plugin that gives your players a /donate message & ops will be able to customize the messages/prefix of the message

Updating from 1.3/1.4 to 1.5?
Then follow these steps to make sure the config is up to date:
Updating config from plugin version 1.3/1.4 to 1.5

Scroll down to see the downloads and features

Video Tutorial:

New in Version 1.5:
- Config value topdonors: has been changed
(see configuration page at the bottom)
- Changed the topdonors to a item list
- Can add up to infinte donors in topdonors list
- Added color support for /topdonors


  • Add a configurable /donate message for your players
  • Colour Code Supported (&)
  • Reload the config in game without reloading the server
  • Set Prefix & message of your /donate
  • Give permission nodes for people to access without OP
  • Show the top donators on your server


  • /donate - Shows the donation message
  • /topdonors - Shows the Top Donators
  • /donate set - For OP only, set the donation message
  • /donate setprefix - For OP only, set the donation message prefix
  • /donate help - Shows the help menu
  • /donate reload - For OP only, reload the config
  • /donate info - Shows the plugin version


donate.set - gives a player permissions to use /donate set
donate.setprefix - gives a player permissions to use /donate setprefix
donate.reload - gives a player permissions to use /donate reload - gives a player permissions to see all the plugin commands in /donate help

This plugin supports GroupManager as far as I know but i don't know if it works with others, you will have to test it our yourself!

- Click here for a configuration guide!

- Add permission nodes

- Add more than 1 line of donation info to be displayed

- Add top donators

To see full change log, Click Here!


DonationInfo-v1.5.jar - (1.4.6 R0.1)

DonationInfo-v1.4.jar - (1.4.6 R0.1)

DonationInfo-v1.3.jar - (1.4.5 R0.3)

DonationInfo-v1.2.jar - (1.4.5 R0.3)

DonationInfo-v1.1.jar - (1.4.5 R0.3)

DonationInfo-v1.0.jar - (1.4.5 R0.2)

If you have any problems regarding this, please create a support ticket and tell me what your problem is and if you have ideas how I could fix it.


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