Do you have a passion for Dogecoin?
Do you run a Minecraft server, or know someone who does?

Then consider DogeTips, a plugin based all around tipping players with real Dogecoins!

Donate some spare doge if you liked (goes towards more updates): D7pcGaa4mfDdRhdE2diMWcgcnhaKNzsU4W

Since DogeAPI has shut down, plugin is being rewritten to support Thank you for your patience. View progress @ and

(Ɖ26,757 donated so far! You guys are amazing!!)

That's right: Install DogeTips and you will be able to set up your own server with an economy dealing with Dogecoins!

New in v3.0beta!

- DogeAPI version 2 support!
- Support for non-vault dogecoin-only economy! (that you can use with a separate existing economy, if you choose)
- Changed multi-threaded connections to asynchronous connections (users were reporting server crashes, this fixes that)

Due to the Heartbleed bug/exploit, DogeAPI has removed version 1 support. Versions prior to v3.0beta will fail to work (with deposits and withdrawals). Please update the plugin to at least v3.0 :)


- /tip <Player> <Amount>
     <+> Tips a player some Dogecoins!
- /deposit <Deposit-From-This-Address> <Amount>
    <+> Players can add their own Doge to the "hot wallet" of the server (allowing for tipping)
- /withdraw <Cashout-To-This-Address> <Amount>
    <+> Player can withdraw their Dogecoin from the server to their own wallet
- /tipjar
    <+> View the balance of your virtual "TipJar"
- /donate
    <+> Donate to the server's wallet out of the kindness of your heart
- /dogetips
    <+> Help/Information for DogeTips


- dogetips.*
    <+> All commands and permissions for DogeTips (recommended for everyone to have)
- dogetips.tip
    <+> Gives players the permission to tip
- dogetips.deposit
    <+> Allows for depositing Dogecoin
- dogetips.withdraw
    <+> Allows player to withdraw/cashout their Dogecoin
- dogetips.tipjar
    <+> Allows player to view their TipJar balance
    <+> Allows access to /DogeTips help command
- dogetips.donate
    <+> Allows access to /donate command

Sample config:

api-key: abcdefghijk
donation-address: D7pcGaa4mfDdRhdE2diMWcgcnhaKNzsU4W
  color-primary: &a
  color-secondary: &7
  color-error: &c
use-v2: true
v2-pin: 0000
separate-economy: false

Setting up DogeTips (pls read!)

DogeTips requires you to install the plugin Vault (click here for download page), as well as an economy plugin. Vault is an API, which stands for "Application Programming Interface." This basically means that DogeTips uses Vault to tell your economy plugin what to do (deposit, withdraw, etc.).

DogeTips also relies on DogeAPI to handle the depositing and withdrawals of real Dogecoins. The plugin calls (using HTTPS requests) on DogeAPI to handle these actions. You must register at and take note of your API-Key (as well as your PIN). This can be found (once you register and login) at Account -> Settings -> API Settings -> "Your api_key." Never give out your API Key to anyone! This can easily allow them to steal all the transactions going through your server, which is potentially very bad. Treat it like your password.

tl;dr: Download and install Vault, then register for DogeAPI and put your API Key and PIN into the DogeTips config.yml. Post a comment if you need help.

Example Tip

Example Withdraw

(DogeTips plugin colors can be changed in config.yml!)

Version 2.11+ has Metrics connecting to

This plugin utilizes Hidendra's plugin metrics system, which means that the following information is collected and sent to

- A unique identifier
- The server's version of Java
- Whether the server is in offline or online mode
- The plugin's version
- The server's version
- The OS version/name and architecture
- The core count for the CPU
- The number of players online
- The Metrics version

Opting out of this service can be done by editing plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

Planned: Bug fixes for depositing. Comment for more features that I will plan on adding :D--

Now hold on just a second there, fellow shibe... I'm going to need your support in order to continue developing the best (and only!) continually-updating and doge-tipping Bukkit plugin possible :) . You don't have to, but it would mean a lot to me if you donated a few spare coins to help keep me motivated to code as fast as I can so that you all can have your very own Doge Tipping server, with DogeTips :>

Donate Dogecoins (much appreciate): D7pcGaa4mfDdRhdE2diMWcgcnhaKNzsU4W


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