a usefull Lib with a lot of helpfull utils


  • open source
  • github
  • new commandsystem: no need to register the commands in the plugin.yml
  • MySQL utils
  • custom events like: PlayerBlockMoveEvent
  • tons of other helpfull utils

optional dependencies:

you don't need any dependencies for this lib! But some classes depends on ProtocolLib (like [look in the javadocs above the class in github, if you want to know if a class depends on protocollib or not], if you want to use these, you have to install also the plugin ProtocolLib on your server.


/DKLib - only a test command, to see if DKLib is enabled or not

for Developers: How to use DKLib in your plugin

first Include the jar file as a dependency and install move DKLib to your servers plugin folder
then add this line to the plugin.yml of you plugin:
depend: [DKLib]

for Developers: Example for using the command system

create a class like this:
klick here...
then register the command in your main class like this:

    CommandManager cm;

    public void onEnable()
        //command test
        cm = new CommandManager(this);
        cm.registerCommand(new TestCommand(cm));
        //add a prefix for usage message, etc. default is ""
        cm.PREFIX = "§f[§4TEST§f] ";




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