This plugin allows you to use a helmet for extended underwater exploration. Once your air bar is empty while wearing a helmet, the helmet consumes fuel to refill the air bar and in absence of fuel, you start drowning. If there is fuel but not enough for a full refill, a partial refill is done. You can extend your base lung capacity by wearing a chestplate. Depending on the kind of chestplate, a different amount of capacity is added.

Fuel can be any item, you just have to have it on you. Depending on the helmet, a different fuel consumption can be configured (helmets = anything you can put on your head and that you configure to be a valid diving helmet).

This is intended for servers where an extended submarine experience is wanted but where unlimited diving capabilities and client mods are undesirable.


  • Being able to do extended underwater exploration
  • Configurable fuel item
  • Configurable dive-enabled helmets
  • Configurable fuel consumption
  • Configurable dive-enabled chestplates for additional air capacity
  • Configurable base lung capacity
  • No client mod necessary
  • Permission nodes for enabling/disabling diving equipment

Default behaviour

Uses sugar cane for fuel. Pumpkins are the most fuel-efficient (but the view stinks) and the worst helmet is a Leather Cap. These are configured in the configuration file. The default permission setting is to allow usage of DiveCraft features. The base lung capacity is 10.5 seconds and each helmet adds a number of seconds to this. Leather chestplate adds 1 second, diamond and chain chestplates add 4 seconds.


DiveCraft v4 (Bukkit 1.3.1-R1.0 compatible)

Possible future work

  • Multiple fuel types with different energetic values
  • Flippers for faster water travel


DiveCraft @ GitHub


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