Dispensator allows you to put one item in a dispenser or dropper and have it dispensed on request to everyone who needs it... infinitely. If you wish, you can set it so that people can only carry 1 of whichever item is in the dispensator (so it won't dispense if they have already got one), so it is ideal for things like:

  • Tutorials on written books
  • Special items and weapons
  • Starter kits etc.

The plugin also checks the ground around the dispensator and will not dispense if the item is found nearby.

What is more, you don't need to set up any redstone circuits, the dispensator will work simply by clicking it... however if you want to activate using redstone, dispensing will still be infinite and the One Per Player setting will still be respected.


  • Dispense an infinite supply of 1 special item
  • Say goodbye to copying books and continually re-writing tutorials
  • Restrict dispensing to 1 per person
  • Dispense by clicking, or by redstone
  • Easy to use
  • Minimal configuration (optional)

How to make a Dispensator

  • Place a dispenser/dropper
  • Look at the dispenser/dropper and use the command "/dispenser create" OR "/disp create"
  • Crouch and right click the dispenser/dropper
  • Place the item you want it to dispense in the top left corner
  • Test by right clicking while NOT crouching


dispenser [create/remove]Create or remove a dispensatordispensator.admin
Alias: disp
dispenser set [setting] [new value]Change plugin settingdispensator.admin
Available Settings:
dropRadius > (Integer) Block radius to check for duplicate items
dispenser toggle [setting]Toggle plugin settingdispensator.admin
Available Settings:
onePerPlayer > Turn off/on the One Per Player restriction


dispensator.*Access to all permissions
dispensator.adminCan create and remove Dispensators and change their contents, and change plugin settings
dispensator.useCan use Dispensators




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