This plugin is an advanced tool which allows you to set individual metadata index values on test disguises for DisguiseCraft. It can allow a developer to discover new mob subtypes or learn more about MineCraft's entity metadata system. Used improperly, this plugin can potentially crash clients. It should be used in test servers only.

Permissions and Commands:

  • disguisetester.disguise.create (defaulted to ops)
    • /dt create <test disguise name> <mobtype> - Creates a new test disguise of the specified mob type.
    • /dt delete <test disguise name> - Deletes the specified test disguise.
    • /dt index <test disguise name> <add/edit> <index> <byte/short/int/string> <value> - Adds or edits the specified metadata index to hold the given value
      • add: Use when you believe the metadata index has not yet been given a value
      • edit: Use when you know the metadata index has been given a value
    • /dt objectdata <test disguise name> <data value> - Sets this object disguise's data to be of a certain value
  • disguisetester.disguise.wear (defaulted to ops)
    • /d <test disguise name> - Disguises you with the specified test disguise
  • disguisetester.disguise.scroll (defaulted to ops)
    • /dt disguisescroll [stop/delay#] - Starts or stops the scrolling through of DisguiseCraft's disguises
      • The delay is the number of ticks between disguises


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