This plugin let you discover new possibilities! It sends the player a block change. For example the player can see a block wich doesn't exist. You can also make invisible chests or invisible walls and much more!


This plugin needs WorldEdit! You have to create a selection to add / remove disguises.

How to use

  1. Create a selection with WorldEdit.
  2. Use /di add <X>:<X> The first <X> stands for the ID ( eg. 5 ) and the second one for the data (eg. 1) - eg. /di add 5:1 would disguise every block (also air!) in you current selection into spruce woodplanks.

If your block doesn't have a data (eg. oak wood planks) use 0 - eg. /di add 5:0

To disguise a block into air use /di add 0:0

Commands / Permissions

Command - Description - Permission:

  • /di - Shows all commands - di.info
  • /di add <X>:<X> - Add disguise to <X>:<X> for all blocks in your selection - di.add
  • /di edit - Enter / Leave the editmode - di.edit
  • /di remove - Remove all disguises in your selection (Enter editmode first!) - di.remove


  • use_metrics - Set this to false and this plugin doesnt send anonymous data to mcstats.org
  • update_blocks - Update disguises every <X> seconds. Point numbers are possible, but dont set this too long or too short!
  • allow_break_disguised_blocks - Set this to false and disguised blocks can be broken.
  • messages.... - All messages from this plugin are configurable too!


  1. Download this plugin
  2. Drag and drop it into your plugins folder
  3. Do the same with WorldEdit if you have not installed yet
  4. Restart your server
  5. Edit config if you have to
  6. Restart your server again if you edited the config



MCStats Stats

Source Code

The source code of this plugin is available on my GitHub.


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