Planned or ToDo

  • Colored sheep [Many colors to parse] (Permissions already mapped out in plugin.yml)
  • Slime sizes [1, 2, and 4? No idea what happened to size 3...] (Permissions already mapped out in plugin.yml)
  • Charged creepers
  • Allowing disguised players to take damage from other players [Uses the CBDC-Injector]
  • Pre-setting a disguise for a player through the console before they join, as to allow silent joins
  • Porting MobDisguisePVPControl to work with this plugin
  • Porting CommandPoints-MobDisguiseBridge to work with this plugin
  • Enderman block holding [Research completed, work begun]
  • Permission node to disable monster targeting [CraftBukkit limits this]
  • Disguise specific death messages
  • Sheared sheep (Permissions already mapped out in plugin.yml)
  • Player sneaking
  • Document the API
  • Per-World Permissions handling
  • Villager occupations [Research completed using DisguiseTester]
  • Player disguise sitting in boats and minecarts
  • Document usage for the CBDC-Injector
  • Undisguise others [Probably going: /u <playername>]
  • Sending a disguise to another player [Possibly: /d send <playername>]
  • Fix Mooshroom invisibility after being sheered
  • Add in slime/magmacube sizes larger than 4
  • Make seer mode toggleable. [Will not be simple O.o]
  • Allow Endermen to hold blocks with metadata values
  • Add Wither Skeleton
  • Allow for custom mobs like thos from Mo' Creatues [Major changes in effect]
  • Permissions for FallingBlock material types
  • Once a 1.2.3 RB is out, new mobs need to be added as soon as possible.
  • Add the new mobs of MineCraft 1.4
  • Add the horses of Minecraft 1.6

Put suggestions in the comment area below.


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