Frequently Asked Questions

This page will provide answers to the questions we have been asked much too often. If your question is not listed here, make sure to read the whole plugin description before trying to report any errors. Something worth noting is that nearly all reports of issues were all the fault of the server admin.

Why can I see both the player and the disguise?

You have the "disguisecraft.seer" permission node or you have an invisibility plugin interfering. Even if you think that you don't have the node, you could likely have made a care-less mistake in your permissions configuration.

Some of the commands are interfering with another plugin. How can I remove them?

Just go ahead and edit the plugin.yml in the DisguiseCraft.jar file. You can remove any of the commands you don't want to use. The rest of the alternates will work fine.

I'm having weird bugs when I use DisguiseCraft with another plugin (such as Orebfuscator or NoCheat). What should I do?

Make sure you have the correct version of ProtocolLib installed. Also make sure the other plugins are up-to-date with ProtocolLib.

What do I do when I'm getting a ClassDefNotFoundException (or other critical error) from using DisguiseCraft with a CraftBukkit build it isn't listed to work with?

You can try out the DisguiseCraft dev builds. If you're lucky, we've already made a version that works with the new CraftBukkit version. If not, just sit and wait. We don't need dozens of people reporting the same error, especially if we've already recognized it.

When people disguise, they just go invisible. Why is this happening?

Is Forge installed on your client? If so, you'll need to remove it because it causes issues viewing disguises.
If you don't have Forge, make a support tickets and list your CraftBukkit version, plugins, and DisguiseCraft version.(A video is recommended)