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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.3


  • Recompiled for Minecraft 1.8.3
  • Added built-in method for handling disguise-PVP without ProtocolLib
    • The use of ProtocolLib is still highly recommended to prevent any incompatibilities with other deeply-hooked plugins (e.g. Orebfuscator, Zombes4Bukkit, NoCheatPlus)
    • The built-in method can be disabled in the configuration for safety
  • Prevented crashing when "noTabHide" was enabled but ProtocolLib was not installed
    • ProtocolLib is still required for that feature
  • Updated to ProtocolLib v3.0 API
  • Added a few things to the DisguiseCraft API
    • The DisguiseCommandEvent now allows you to modify command arguments
    • Players can be undisguised without losing invisibility
  • The "disguisecraft.notarget" permission node is now defaulted to ops only
  • Attempted to fix a possible memory leak pointed out by Stevenpcc
    • Player references may not have been getting removed. String references are used where they can.
  • Changed internal databases to use UUIDs rather than player names
  • Added a "/d update" command to allow for manually checking for updates

Build 75: http://build.yu8.me:8080/job/DisguiseCraft/75/

  • Disguising as another player doesn't work if that player has not joined the server. If they haven't, the disguiser becomes invisible.
  • Even with "disguisecraft.seer" a person might not see the nametag above some disguises
  • There may be an invisibility bug from when players are disguised out of an observer's rendering range and then teleported to within it.
  • Enderman holding blocks will kick other clients (this is fixed in the dev builds)