What does this plugin do?

  • Allows Disabling Commands For Ops and Players With '*' Perm
  • Is Run Before Any Permission Plugins Are Checked
  • Can Disable Args That You Can't Disable With Negative Nodes
  • Can Disable All Commands That Don't Have Permissions
  • Allows For You To Not Waste Your Time Finding Permissions Of Plugins
  • Only Players With Console Access Can Change Commands Disabled
  • Negative Nodes Can Be Bypassed By Rogue Staff Removing Negative Node (It Happened To Me Once...)
  • Negative Nodes Can Only Disable The Commands Without Player Names, Worlds, Etc. Args... This Plugin Can Disable All!
  • Almost 100% Customizable
  • Disable Commands Per-User
  • Disable Commands For The Whole Server
  • Disable Commands Per-World
  • Disable banning, unbanning, kicking, muting, etc. of certain players
  • Disable All ":" Commands; ex. /essentials:, /bukkit:, /worldedit:, etc.
  • Disable Certain Commands From Being Put Into Command Blocks
  • Punish Players For Doing Prohibited Commands!
  • Command Spy Feature In Which You Can See All Sent Commands
  • UUID Supported!
  • Custom Messages For Commands Disabled (only if disabled using this plugin)
  • Disable Commands But Not The Commands Args! Ex. disable /warp but not /warp spawn
  • Can Disable Start Commands But Allow Certain Args. Ex: disable /warp and /warp kits; but allow /warp pvp, /warp spawn, etc.
  • Disable Commands Per-Regions using worldedit and worldguard

What does this work with?

  • Works with all permission plugins! And you don't even need a permissions plugin for this plugin!
  • Tested, and works on server versions: 1.7-1.10.2
  • Works with Java versions 6+.
  • Works with all plugins!


  • This plugin has no permissions because if staff could change commands disabled from in-game then the plugin wouldn't be affective.

Commands: There is ONLY one command: /disablecommandsreload Note: This command can only be done in console!

Plugin in-action!









How To Config?


  • 100% Fast and easy.
  • Config Files have a Step by Step Guides to make this plugin work 100%!
  • Takes about 5-10 minutes to completely setup the way you want!!!

Updates to come?

  • Add disabling of players from using [TAB] commands
  • Add usersToIgnore: list to allowedArgs config. To allow args per-player if wanted; it's already in the config file; however it won't work yet! Will work in next update!!!


* WorldEdit and WorldGuard


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