Ding v2.0


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    Mar 9, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.3-R0.2



  • Added separate notification configuration for chat-self, player-login, and player-logout
  • Added a really fancy header to the config file to list all possible options
  • Changed the note block to be client-sided (doesn't actually affect the world, nobody else can see/hear it) using one of the more awesome Bukkit methods
    • This also means that it's now impossible to die by hitting a note block from Ding while falling
  • Added /ding command, with the following commands:
    • /ding help - prints a list of the Ding commands
    • /ding reload - reloads the config files ding.reload
    • /ding disable - player who sends this will no longer hear notifications ding.disable
    • /ding disable <type> - player will no longer hear notifications of <type> ding.disable (players that ignore notifications get saved to do_not_send_to.yml, players ignoring all notifications will have "all: true", others will have the ignored types listed)
    • /ding enable - opposite of disable ding.enable
    • /ding enable <type> - opposite of /ding disable <type> ding.enable
    • The following commands can alter a single config section at a time:
      • /ding note <type> <note> ding.set
      • /ding tone <type> <tone> ding.set
      • /ding instrument <type> <instrument> ding.set
      • /ding octave <type> <octave> ding.set
      • /ding setenabled <type> <true/false> ding.set.enabled


  • Fixed instruments to work
  • Code cleanup


  • Initial release