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Version: 1.3

If you would like to see this in action, logon to our Minecraft server at: minesrv.almuramc.com


  • Lock Chest, Doublechest, Dispensers, Furnaces, Doubledoors, Trapdoors, Fence gates etc.
  • Protect Levers, Buttons, Signs and Bookcases with a pincode or you fingerprint
  • Autoclosing normal doors, doubledoors, trapdoors and fence gates. [DoubleDoors not working yet]
  • Edit Signs with L-SHIFT + RIGHT-CLICK the mouse.
  • Digilock interface will have its own assignable keys inside of Spoutcraft.
  • Special "Lockable" flag addition to the Residence Protection Plugin.

Each time a player draws the lever, he gets an item and his account is deducted the use cost!


The DigiLock works on these items: (Point at the item and press Hotkey L or Press L-CONTROL while Right Clicking

ChestsxxOpen/close the chest
DoorsxxxxOpen/close the door
TrapdoorsxxxxOpen/close the trapdoor
Fence gatexxxxOpen/close the fence gate
Iron doorsxxxxIron doors can be locked/opened in 2 ways with BIT. Protect the lever with a fingerprint or protect the door it self
DoubleDoorsxxxxOpen/close doubledoors
LeverxxxActivate the lever
ButtonxxxxPress the button
JukeboxxxPlay disc in Jukebox / Eject disc from jukebox.
Brewing standxx
SignsxxOnly protection against break


  • Dockter
  • NinjaZidane


File: config.yml


  • economy: Enables / Disables economy features of Digilock
  • war: Whether to allow Digilock to respect the War Plugin Rules.
  • mobarena: Whether to allow Digilock to respect the MobArena plugin Rules.
  • jail: Whether to allow Digilock to respect the Jail plugin rules.
  • residence: Whether to allow additional flag functionalites with the Residence plugin.


  • lockkey: default keybind for the lock interface.
  • signgui: whether or not to allow the sign editor interface (still requires additional permissions).


  • type: SQLite or MySQL
  • host: MySQL hostname
  • port: MySQL portnumber
  • database: MySQL database name
  • username: MySQL database username
  • password: MySQL database password


  • cost: Digilock creation cost.
  • maxcost: Digilock max use cost.
  • destroycost: Cost / refund to remove a Digilock
  • defaultclosetimer: Default timer in seconds for auto-close feature for doors, trapdoors etc.
  • playsound: Whether or not to play the sound when you interact with a Digilocked Item.
  • sound: Website URL for Digilock.wav file.


Here's a list of specific permissions nodes for this plugin and what each does.

  • digilock.use = Allows the users to use the Digilock interface.
  • digilock.create = Allows for users to create Digilocks on items.
  • digilock.admin = Allows users (admins) to override / edit / remove Digilocks placed by other users.
  • digilock.signedit = Allows users to use the Sign Editor.

Hard Dependencies

Soft Dependencies

  • Residence
  • WorldGuard
  • MobArena
  • Jail
  • War

Residence Addon

We added a flag to residence when Digilock detects the Residence Plugin AND the config.yml option is set to true that adds the flag "lockable".

You will need to edit the config.yml file of the Residence Plugin to give people access to this flag. This flag must be set to true for a person to create a Digilock within a Residence.

Likewise in regards to the Sign Edit interface. A user must have Build permissions in order to open a sign within a protected Residence Area.

To Do

  • Currently the double-door locking mechanism isn't finished yet, but its being worked on.
  • There may be some remaining restone connectivity issues with Digilock, if so please create a ticket for them.
  • Add lock-picking interface with controllable player damage.

Donations for this project can be directed here: PayPal: Click Here

Many thanks for your consideration.


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