This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Welcome to DigiCoin!

DigiCoin is designed to be an ultra-simple economy. There's practically nothing to it, with only two classes and pretty much no config! DigiCoin is built to meet the needs of two types of people;

A) Those who want an incredibly lightweight, simple and stable Economy plugin with no maintanance required

B) Those who use Forge and want something complex and awesome for their MCPC+ server.

The plugin was originally built for use alongside my Forge mod, FlenixCities. The mod adds physical currency which can be accessed with an ATM, but due to design couldn't be directly used with Bukkit. So, this plugin was created and can interact with the Forge side if it exists, adding Vault support to my mod. However, I decided that it works pretty well as a standalone economy plugin too!


  • Very lightweight and simple to use
  • Supports Vault*
  • Designed to work with Forge, but works fine without.

Permissions & Commands The following is a list of commands and their required permission nodes. [] defines an optional parameter, and <> is a required one.

  • /DigiCoin - Root command, shows your balance. No permission required!
  • /DigiCoin Pay <Player> <Amount> - Pay the specified player. digicoin.pay
  • /DigiCoin Get|Balance [Player] - Shows the balance of yourself, or a specified player. digicoin.balance.other
  • /DigiCoin Set [Player] <Amount> - Sets the players balance to the amount. digicoin.admin
  • /DigiCoin Reset [Player] - Reset the player to 0. digicoin.admin
  • /DigiCoin Add|Give [Player] <Amount> - Gives the player the specified amount. digicoin.admin
  • /DigiCoin Remove|Take [Player] <Amount> - Takes cash away from the player. digicoin.admin
  • /DigiCoin Reload - Reloads the plugin. You should rarely, if ever, need to use this as there's no real config. I don't recommend editing values while the server is up either, but this is just here in case something goes wrong.
  • /DigiCoin Help - Displays a list of the commands. Only shows those which you have permission for. No permission node.

I am open to any ideas you may have, but remember this is supposed to be simple. I don't plan multi-accounts, banks, or anything fancy like that. I also intend to keep it flatfile for now, but MAY add databases as a future option - we'll see.

This is totally open-license. You're free to do as you wish- redistribute it in a pack, fork it and edit it, whatever. My only conditions are you don't make money from it, and you credit me if you do anything with it. Have fun!

  • Vault support waiting an accepted Pull Request with the vault team. In the mean time, a modified version is available on my site.


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