This is my first Bukkit plugin. It was made for use on my private server, but I am hoping someone else out there will find it useful. I have made it to address the specific problem of players that are idling in mob farms (spawner-based) and creating too many mobs that result in server lag. The plugin is highly configurable and has no chat output or broadcasts and I believe this is what makes it different from other similar plugins.

As this is my first plugin I welcome any feedback!


  • Kicking idle players
  • Limiting mob spawners by setting a percentage of mobs that are allowed to spawn
  • Disabling mob spawners completely


despawner.idlekick.exempt - Exempt from being kicked


Spawners.Enabled - Boolean, true means spawners act normally. False disables spawners completely.

Spawners.Limit - Integer. Sets the percentage of activity in spawners. 50 means that only half the mobs spawn. 0 would disable spawners completely.

IdleKick.Enabled - Boolean. True means idle players will be kicked

IdleKick.Time - Integer. How long a player can stay idle before being kicked in seconds. Default is 10 minutes.

IdleKick.KickMessage - String. The message displayed to a player that gets kicked for idling

The activity node lets you configure what player actions are counted as activity. These actions reset the kick counter when performed.

Activity.Movement - Boolean. If true the plugin keeps track of player positions to determine activity

Activity.MinMovementDist - Double. Sets the movement sensitivity. This is the minimum distance moved over 5 seconds to be counted as movement.

Activity.BlockBreak - Boolean. Determines whether breaking blocks counts as activity

Activity.BlockPlace - Boolean. Determines whether placing blocks counts as activity

Activity.Chat - Boolean. Determines whether participating in chat counts as activity

Activity.Interaction - Boolean. Determines whether interacting with any block counts as activity

Activity.EntityInteraction - Boolean. Determines whether right clicking an entity counts as activity

Activity.BedLeave - Boolean. Determines whether leaving a bed counts as activity

Activity.HandItemChange - Boolean. Determines whether changing the in hand item counts as activity

Activity.SneakToggle - Boolean. Determines whether pressing the sneak button counts as activity

Activity.ItemDrop - Boolean. Determines whether dropping an item counts as activity

Activity.ItemPickUp - Boolean. Determines whether picking up an item counts as activity

Activity.MobKill - Boolean. Determines whether killing a mob counts as activity


The plugin has been made using Java 7. It will probably not work with Java 6 although I have never tried it.



Version 0.1

  • Initial release


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