Deposite is developed by monnierant to save custom inventories or chests, all in a MySQL database.
It is then possible to recover the stuff and stored by selecting empty chests.

Its development followed a need of our Staff regarding the discovery of chests requiring their removal, or during a move. Rather than remove these chests and their contents, the Staff could now save and return them to their owners.

How to Use

Its use is simple and has been designed so as to facilitate archiving and inventory chests without complicating the work of staff.


To save a chest (c)
  • Type /deposite c <player>
  • right click on the chest
To save an inventory (i)
  • type /deposite i <player>


  • If you want to save your own inventory, needless to say the nickname
  • You can add a comment to the backup by specifying it, at the end of the command
    • ex. /deposite c Uti_ chest found near the spawn


To restore a chest or an inventory check list of repositories:

  • See the latest backups - /deposite info
  • See backups player - /deposite <player>
  • To change the page repeat the previous command with at the end, the number of the page
    • ex. /deposite info Uti_ 2
  • Once you know which backup to restore, note the <id> and type /deposite get <id>
    If it is an inventory it will be copied into your current inventory for a chest just right-click an empty chest.

Deposite check

When a backup has been restored, you can't restore it again.

  • You can see all the backups, even those restored using /deposite check
  • backups restored appear in gray

Consultez notre wiki pour avoir la documentation en fran├žais

Permissions & commands

/deposite/dpDeposite's help~
/deposite reload/dp reloadReload Depositedeposite.reload
/deposite get/dpgRecover its own inventory (last save)deposite.get
/deposite i <player>/dpi <player>Save an inventorydeposite.inventory
/deposite c <player>/dpc <player>Save a chestdeposite.chest
/deposite get <player>/dpg <player>Recover the last inventory for a playerdeposite.getother
/deposite get <id>/dpg <id>Recover inventory <id>deposite.getother
/deposite info <player>/dpinfo <player>See infos about a
/deposite info <player> <page>/dpinfo <player> <page>See infos about a player by <page>
/deposite check/dpcheckSee all saves and
/deposite info/dpinfoSee last
/deposite info <page>/dpinfo <page>See <page>


  debug: true
  lignes: 5
  lng: FR
    chemin: deposite.log
    permission: deposite.trace
    param: 15
  hostname: localhost
  database_name: database
  username: username
  password: password
  port: 3306
  • Settings:
    • debug - true or false for debug
    • lignes - How many lines to show with /dp info
    • lng - choose EN for english or FR for french
    • tracer:
      • chemin - path to changelog file (deposite.log)
      • permission - which permission do you want to see it
      • param
  • Database - set your database


  • a mysql database
  • a minecraft server \o/


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