Norse Edition Permissions


Use the following permissions with Demigods Norse Edition to allow your users to use different features of Demigods.

Permissions nodes for players (defaults on true):

  • 'demigods.forsake' Lets players use /forsake to remove their own Gods/Titans.
  • 'demigods.bindings' Lets players use /bindings to see what items are bound to skills.
  • 'demigods.shrinewarp' Lets players use /shrinewarp to warp to shrines.
  • 'demigods.forceshrinewarp' Let's players force a warp to their shrine (/forceshrinewarp) even if it may not be safe to do so.
  • 'demigods.shrineowner' Lets players "share" their shrines so other players can warp to them.
  • 'demigods.removeshrine' Lets players remove shrines.
  • demigods.nameshrine' Lets players rename shrines.

Permissions nodes for admin (defaults to OP):

  • 'demigods.givedeity'
  • 'demigods.removedeity'
  • 'demigods.checkplayer'
  • 'demigods.setfavor'
  • 'demigods.setmaxfavor'
  • 'demigods.sethp'
  • 'demigods.setmaxhp'
  • 'demigods.setalliance'
  • 'demigods.setdevotion'
  • 'demigods.setunclaimeddevotion'
  • 'demigods.setascensions'
  • 'demigods.setkills'
  • 'demigods.setdeaths'
  • 'demigods.removeplayer'
  • 'demigods.admin' Combines all of the above.

Permissions nodes for aesir and jotunn (if no Permissions, allows all):


  • aesir.odin
  • aesir.thor
  • aesir.vidar
  • aesir.heimdallr
  • aesir.bragi
  • aesir.baldr
  • aesir.dwarf
  • aesir.all


  • jotunn.jormungand
  • jotunn.jord
  • jotunn.hel
  • jotunn.thrymr
  • jotunn.dis
  • jotunn.fire_giant
  • jotunn.frost_giant
  • jotunn.all


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