Debugging Player Files

As of 2.0c, a new debugging feature has been added. It can be accessed in game as /dg debug (admins only) or from the console as debugplayer.


/dg debug <name> or debugplayer <name> will display all the important traits of a player (HP, Favor, deities, etc). If you see any at "NULL", "Missing", or "-1", then you have a problem. Luckily, there is now a solution.

/dg debug <name> write or debugplayer <name> write will save that player's data as a text file. Do NOT edit the text file unless you know what you are doing, or you will corrupt the player's data further. Only edit what you need to - changes made in the text file are committed straight to the database so you can do a lot of damage if you are not careful.

/dg debug <name> load or debugplayer <name> load will load the player's data out of the text file generated using /dg debug <name> write. If you get an error and a stack trace, it is because you entered something incorrectly when you saved the text file. All data fields must follow an exact format or the save will not load properly. Be careful as loading a debug file and having it crash partway through will corrupt the player's save even further.

Walkthrough for the debug file (a .txt that can be opened in Notepad)

Note that there should not be any spaces after the entries- "250" is different from "250 ".


Bolded text is what you will see written in the file.

Name: marinating This field should match the name of the player.

Alliance: God This should be "Titan" or "God", case sensitive.

Current_HP: 250 Make sure it's a whole number.

Max_HP: 250 Must be a whole number.

Current_Favor: 4200 Must be a whole number.

Max_Favor: 4200 Must be a whole number.

Deities: Zeus;22982 Poseidon;22534 Hephaestus;22271 Athena;24394 Ares;3366

Deities follow this simple rule: Name;Devotion with a space in between each deity.

Ascensions: 23 Must be a whole number.

Kills: 11 Must be a whole number.

Deaths: 9 Must be a whole number.


test -75 16 1151 world Do not edit these except to delete them.

Shrines: The # sign in front of the name represents a custom name. Do not edit these unless you are 100% sure you know what you are doing. The format for shrines is:

Name X Y Z World <guest> <guest> <guest>

Hephaestus -212 51 412 world marinating

Zeus -152 61 367 world

#mybase -152 61 367 world

All keys in save: A_EFFECTS, P_SHRINES, Ares_dvt, S_GUESTAT, Athena_dvt, BINDINGS, ALLEGIANCE, ASCENSIONS, Poseidon_dvt, dHP, Zeus_dvt, KILLS, Hades_dvt, ALLIANCECHAT, FAVORCAP, DEITIES, dmaxHP, FAVOR, LASTLOGINTIME, Hephaestus_dvt, DEATHS

Do not edit these except to delete them.


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