Demigods 2.2


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    Sep 17, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0


  • Added a new Titan: Themis
  • Added SimpleNotice (client mod) compatibility to conveniently display Health, Favor, and Devotion changes.
  • Added new functionality to /removeshrine. Can now be used with the name of a shrine you own.
  • New command for admins: /listshrines lists all the shrines you own.
  • Fixed logic of player versus player kills, which should fix kills being wrongly awarded to players.
  • Added code to remove "stuck" fireballs from Prometheus ultimates.
  • Added automatic cleaning of invalid shrines (missing worlds or impossible location).
  • Cronus' ultimate no longer affects the whole world, only players within 70 range.
  • Rankings now show a player's name in green if they are online.
  • Typing "dg" will display all online Demigods players and their alliance.
  • Adjusted the kill reward, so that killing players with a high KD ratio gives more Devotion while killing players with many deaths gives less.
  • Adjusted rate at which players lose Devotion on death, and added a cap of 15,000 Devotion lost per deity at a maximum.
  • Changed some skill costs for balance.
  • Skills can no longer be used inside protected zones to target players outside.
  • Other bugfixes

Players may randomly seem to receive damage with no change in their hp. This can usually be fixed by relogging or reloading.