Demigods Early Access

Want to help us out? Test out the early access builds for Demgods! Re-enact mythological battles and rise from a Demigod to a fully fledged Olympian as you ally yourself with the Gods or Titans and battle to the bitter end!


Demigods Early Access

This is the BukkitDev plugin information page for Demigods Early Access.
This is not the full, stable version of Demigods, for that click here.
This project exists only for development builds (deemed unstable) of Demigods.

A quick recap of what Demgods is:
Not to be confused with other RPG plugins that focus on skills and classes alone--this adds culture and conflict that will keep players coming back after they've maxed out their other levels and found all the diamond deposits in a 50 km radius. Demigods is unique in its system of rewarding players for both adventuring (tributes) and conquering (PvP) with a wide array of fun and useful skills.
Demigods Early Access is always under active development, and is considered Beta software.
New ideas are welcome to the plugin. Do you have a clever idea? Let us know!
Please be sure you are running the latest version of Java as we may be eventually move to Java 8.

To install, unzip the latest release into your plugins folder and run the server. Everything else is handled automatically.

This project will update in a similar way to Mojang's Minecraft snapshot schedule, whereas the version number is specified by the date of the release:

  ·  NAME: The feature/branch of the uploaded build. Currently 'DEV' is the name of the branch, and it will likely stay that way until the official release of version 3.0.0. After that, the name may change to something like 'SQL' or 'GIANTS'. Many different versions of the plugin may be uploaded at a time (with different names indicating what you'd be testing if you downloaded it).
  ·  year: The year, e.g. '2014'.
  ·  month: The name of the month, e.g. 'March'.
  ·  day: The day of the month, e.g. '18'.
  ·  RELEASE: The release number for that day, e.g. 'R1'.
All features and documentation can be found from the download page of each release.
The latest documentation (for the latest file) can be found by clicking here.

Any extra documentation will be on the official //">GitHub page.
If you have any questions, please create an issue there, or comment on the actual documentation page for the relevant release.

Currently Demigods will independently access Mojang's UID system to identify each player.
Servers running in offline mode may have problems because of this.
Demigods is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0.
All downloads are subject to said license unless otherwise noted.
The source code for this plugin can be found on GitHub.

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