What is DeityProtect?

This plugin is a light-weight chunk-based version of WorldGuard that is solely to be used by plugins who require a chunk based permission system. With no In-game interface this plugin is designed for developers to use for simplicity sake

Original developed for the ImDeity Kingdoms server for our in-house built Town system, however we are releasing it here to simplify some peoples lives

What does this plugin allow me to do?

For Server Admins: This plugin will not do anything for you, unless you are developer and using its API OR if you have a plugin installed that uses its API. Otherwise it will sit in the background. For Developers: This plugin is setup so that all of the background logic behind saving chunks and having owners etc etc is done through the plugin. All you have to do is let the plugin know who has permission on the chunk with a simple boolean operator. The rest will be done by the plugin. I will update the Github Wiki on how to use this plugin once i get a chance to document the project.


  • The simplicity. Developers waste plenty of time designing their own systems, when in reality one system can do all
  • Have 2 plugins using the system? No problem! The system will distinguish between the two for you
  • Completely configurable error output located in the DeityProtect/language.yml config file

How does it work?

There are 4 main types of PermissionTypes that can be altered EDIT (block place/break), USE (Any type of using an item), and ACCESS (walking onto a chunk) and PVP (fighting). These all take in a name and require you to be the one to determine if said player has permission or not. There is an additional type for MOB_SPAWNING, however the name does not apply to this class yet, it may get more specific in the future.


  • DeityAPI (With a valid MySQL connection)


  • /deityprotect reload - Reloads the config and language files (Requires deityprotect.admin)


  • deityprotect.admin - Gives access to /deityprotect reload
  • deityprotect.override - Gives an override to every permission within deityprotect


    world: # World name that pertains to the values
      default_edit_perm: true # Whether to allow the edit permission on unclaimed land
      default_use_perm: true # Whether to allow the use permission on unclaimed land
      default_access_perm: true # Whether to allow the access permission on unclaimed land
      default_mob_spawn_perm: true # Whether to allow the mob-spawn permission on unclaimed land
      default_pvp_perm: true # Whether to allow the pvp permission on unclaimed land

Plugins that use this

Extra Links

Source: GitHub

Documentation: Will be written soon



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