This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

DecoyBlocks ALPHA is a plugin designed to catch and appropriately deal with griefers automatically.

Originally conceived of by FlamingArmour in a request thread; this plugin allows you to specify certain blocks called "decoys" that, when broken, trigger a logging system for automatically catching and dealing with griefers.

Code was written from scratch by me, with some help from the community on file serialization.


  • Persistant storage of specified decoy blocks.
  • Full logging of who broke which decoy, and when.
  • Fully configureable automatic detention and / or punishment of people who have broken decoys.
  • 3 Punishment thresholds, completely configureable.
  • Punishments currently comprise of:
    • Kill - Instantly deals the offender 9001 damage.
    • Jail - Teleports the offender to the specified location. (Set via coordinates in config.)
    • Kick - Instantly kicks the offender from the server.
    • Ban - Instantly bans the offender from the server.
    • IPBan - Instantly bans the offender and associated IP-Address.
  • CraftBukkitUpToDate compatibility.
  • Anonymous statistic reporting to!
Commands & Permissions

Decoys are set and removed by right-clicking the block with a stick.

  • /db decoys - Gives you a list of all the decoys on this server.
    • decoyblocks.decoy - Required to use /db decoys and to set or remove decoys.
  • /db log - Enables you to see a block's log by placing a log block. Use again to disable.
  • /db log all - Displays all log entries, in chronological order.
    • decoyblocks.log - Required to use /db log.
  • /db teleport <player> - Teleports you to the nearest open space by the last broken decoy (by the player, if specified).
    • decoyblocks.teleport - Required to use /db teleport.
  • /db <search / lookup> <player> - Gives you a list of all decoys broken by the specified player.
    • - Required to use /db search or /db lookup.
  • /db restore - Restores all decoys to their original state.
    • decoyblocks.restore - Required to use /db restore.
  • /db clear <log / decoys> - Completely clears out either the log or the decoys.
    • decoyblocks.clear - Required to use /db clear. This is a dangerous command, and should be highly restricted.
    • decoyblocks.clear.log - only allows access to /db clear log.
  • /db save - Saves the decoys and log to their respective .dat files.
    • - Required to use /db save.
  • /db reload - Saves everything and reloads the config.
    • decoyblocks.reload - Required to use /db reload.
Upcoming Features
  • Ability to search an area for broken decoys.
  • Ability to freeze players.


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