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DeathSwap Payout is an addon to hawkfalcon's Bukkit adaption of the PvP minigame DeathSwap. It gives server administrators the option to automatically give rewards to players who win, and punish (or reward) losers. It also has a feature so that players have to pay to have a match.


  • Give rewards to players who win
  • Financially penalize players who lose (or you can give them a small reward as well, or disable this option completely)
  • You decide how much is paid to the winner (or loser)
  • Lightweight
  • Has a pay to play feature
  • Hooks right into the DeathSwap Core plugin made by hawkfalcon
  • Uses Vault so it is compatible with all Economy plugins

Commands / Permissions


Usage / Installation

1. Drop plugin into plugins folder

2. Start, then stop the server.

3. Find the DeathSwap Payout folder & open the config.yml file

4. Customize the options to your likings!


  • For this plugin to function, you need to have both Vault and DeathSwap Core running on your server
  • If you have both the pay2play and reward money enabled make sure you have all the amounts at a suitable setting. For example - If it costs $30 to play and the reward is $20, the winner still loses money. Perhaps in this instance, make it so the winner wins back what he had to pay to win, and the loser loses all the money he paid to play (or at least some of it) [This is just a suggestion, it is entirely up to you]
  • If you have rewards enabled (without pay2play) players could keep constantly playing and make lots of money which could potentially damage your server's economy.

File a ticket or leave your suggestion in the comments!

Find DeathSwap Core plugin here

Source is on github


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