What is DeathPackage?

DeathPackage is a plugin that saves specific slots of a player's inventory, and gives them those items back when they respawn. The plugin is fully customisable, and supports permission based slot saving.

Note: I am back from a hiatus (09/2014-12/2015), and am trying to bring the plugin up to date, its currently in testing to make sure there's no new bugs and then version 1.2 should be released soon.

Screencap of /dpackage with 0-8 slots saved

How to install:

Install SimpyCore first. Download the latest recommended version of the plugin, and simply drop it into your plugins directory. Reload or restart your server, and that's it: DeathPackage is installed!

How to configure:

Please look at the the config help page. If you are a more advanced user you might also want to check out the custom lang file config help page.

How to use:

  • Player commands
  • /dpackage - gives you a nice display of your protected slots.
  • /dpackage <playername> - gives you a nice display of the player's protected slots. (the executor needs deathpackage.others)
  • Admin commands
  • /deathpackage reload - reloads the plugin. Also reloads the config etc.

You should probably give admins/owners deathpackage.admin.* so that they can reload the plugin if a player is having a problem.


  • Provide better user documentation.
  • Make default group actually default.
  • Add Vault support to be able to use all permissions plugins.
  • Add in a '/dpackage help' custom message.
  • Provide other language help & lang file.



  • Added proper support for armour and offhand items in spigot-1.10.2-R0.1
  • Default config now explains armour, offhand, individual-slot in more detail


  • Updated to support spigot-1.10.2-R0.1


  • Added individual-slot permissions
  • Updated to support spigot-1.8.8-R0.1

Known bugs:

  • /dpackage <player> does not format well in the console.
  • Currently only confirmed testing with PermissionsEx, but I don't think it works with any other permissions plugin.
  • Apparently it's bad practice to use dynamic permissions, either I find some hacky (still not NMS) way to do that, or I switch to some sort of complex permissions pre-loader.
  • If a player dies, the plugin gets disabled (ie reload, server restart etc.), and then they respawn, no slots are saved. To fix this I need to save to a file on reload. Might come in 2.1
  • Currently armour and offhand support is broken thanks to an update of PlayerInventory.getItem(int) no longer supporting armour. I may have missed this in the old version, or just messed it up, but I'm in the process of fixing this anyway.
  • Config file is not generated on first launch. Either copy it out of the jar or the page on here.

Thanks for 100 downloads guys!

You are allowed to expand on this plugin with your own, and I will provide documentation if anyone is interested.

Please report any suggestions or bugs to me, and I'll be happy to take a look. Also any suggestions for the description eg. how it could be more detailed. Also, if you are using this plugin on your server, feel free to leave the IP in the comments and I might come check it out!


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