This was created during a time that Minecraft DID NOT stack XP orbs. Now that XP orbs stack and popular server forks (I'm afraid to say the name) have advanced XP merging ranges, this plugin isn't very useful anymore - however it still serves its purpose and kills XP orbs on a players death.

This plugin still works perfectly fine on Minecraft 1.7.10+

There are plenty of XP Orb removal plugins out there - but not many that are lightweight and don't remove them alltogether!

I created DeathOrber because I always hated how players with 50+ XP Levels would die and leave a giant FPS mess everywhere. Sometimes the player would leave causing them to be in the chunk forever, just waiting for the next person to lag to death.

I feel the XP system in Minecraft is now very important to many players therefore I feel that plugins that completely remove them aren't very practical because it removes a very new and important component to Minecraft.

My plugin resolves that - It only kills XP orbs when a player dies, thus removing the massive amounts of XP dropped at once.

- Disables XP Orb drops when a player dies!
- LightWeight (No Configuration, just drag and drop!)
- Leaves the XP system intact by allowing mobs to still drop XP

Note: This plugin should technically continue to work for many, many versions in the future unless the Event System or similar changes.
v1.0: Initial Release - Works with CraftBukkit 1.1-R4 and CraftBukkit 1.1-R5 (#1952)


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