DeathHeads - Players and mobs drop heads!

Version: 1.4

Build: 1.5.2-R0.1 (through 1.7.2+)


Killed someone or some mob recently? Nobody believed you? Now you can prove it! Just show them the head!


  • Adds heads to random drops
  • Drop rates configurable per mob/player


NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
player-dropratedouble100.0How likely (in a percent) a player is to drop their head on death
skeleton-dropratedouble10.0How likely (in a percent) a skeleton is to drop its head on death
witherskeleton-dropratedouble2.5How likely (in a percent) a wither skeleton is to drop its head on death
zombie-dropratedouble10.0How likely (in a percent) a zombie is to drop its head on death
creeper-dropratedouble20.0How likely (in a percent) a creeper is to drop its head on death
looting-ratedouble10.0Increase in droprate when using a looting-enchanted weapon
players-pk-onlybooleantrueWhether or not players must be killed by another player to drop their head
mobs-pk-onlybooleantrueWhether or not mobs must be killed by a player to drop their head

If there are any features you would like me to add or any suggestions, please tell me.

Source code included in JAR file

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