Note: DeathCube is working fine with the current versions of bukkit/spigot (1.8.3) so please do not ask for it.

1. Introduction / Tutorial
2. Commands and Permissions
3. Configuration
4. Changelog


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Basic setup Tutorial

DeathCube Tournament Map Preview

Other Videos

Other tutorials

This plugin allows you to prepare, manage and play a minigame I named "DeathCube". The principle is very simple: The player must climb up a cube (currently it's a tower but who cares) which is randomly generated with air in it. Since we aren't sure about a kind of standard you are free to manage nearly everything like the height or the density of air.

Currently the plugin implements 3 gamemodes:
classic - you have endless time to climb to the top
survival - if the first player reached a specific floor the tower will start crumbling
joker - play any mode with pumpkins which can be picked up and re-placed one time


  • Prepare the cube area
  • Create and renew the cube
  • Handle multiple cubes
  • Cube area is protected from monster spawn and item drop
  • While playing nobody can enter the game
  • You can start and stop games or just play in open mode
  • If players die, leave the area or disconnect they loose
  • Winners can get any awards you wish (command based)
  • Plugin allows jokerblocks to be re-placed one time
  • Prevent cheating with jokers, enderpearls, potions, enchantments, homepoints or block-placement
  • Normal users can initiate new deathcube rounds (if you wish)
  • Teleport players into the waiting lobby
  • Crumble the tower from the bottom after someone has reached a specific limit or a specific time elapsed
  • Stop players from being hungry
  • Flying position marks around the cube
  • Read and set options ingame
  • Players don't loose xp
  • The rest I forgot


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