This plugin is a powerful tool to control what happens when players die. Its primary feature is to allow players to keep their inventory, but by now it offers plenty of more possibilities about what to do. You can set conditions that have to be met and actions that will be executed.

Flexibility is one of the main objectives of the plugin. Whether you want a simple way to keep inventories, you want enchanted pickaxes named "Pink Elephant" to be destroyed upon death or you just want to change PVP deaths - this plugin makes it all possible.

Main Features

  • provides a powerful way to set up handlings for player deaths
  • create different behaviors depending on how and where the player died
  • able to save a player's inventory, experience and/or food level upon death
  • destroy or damage items upon death
  • allows item filters to affect only certain items
  • economy support: charge them money for it!
  • waiting for the player to perform a command can give them the choice of what to do
  • disconnecting players are treated with a timeout
  • supports every major economy-plugin through Vault or Register
  • uses regular permissions system or the OP system
  • flexible messaging system that allows localization and customization
  • hooks into the API of MobArena and BattleArena to fix deaths in an arena


If you want to support the development of the plugin, feel free to drop a donation! It really helps to keep this plugin alive. Thank you :)

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  1. If you want to use economy plugins, you need to have Register or Vault installed as a plugin.
    Just download the jar from the linked page and put it in your plugins/ folder, if you haven't yet.
  2. Drop the plugin's jar in the plugins/-directory of your server (just like every plugin, eh?).
  3. Start/Reload the server once to generate the configuration files at plugins/DeathControl/.
  4. Read the instructions on the Configuration page for config information!
  5. Make your adjustments to config.yml and lists.txt as you wish
  6. Reload the config files either through reloading the server or, easier, with the command "/death reload"
  7. Enjoy the plugin!


The plugin is functional without any other plugins.

To be able to use the "charge" action (and thus make players pay money), you need one of those plugin libraries so this plugin can make use of your installed economy plugin:

One of them needs to be installed as a plugin on your server.

Reporting an issue

If you think you found an error with the plugin:

  1. Read the FAQ. It might be a common incompatibility.
  2. Go to the Issues forum and check if the issue was already posted/answered by another user.
  3. If not, create a new topic in that same forum and describe your issue precisely. Always post your craftbukkit version, plugin version and if relevant your config file(s).

Please do not report issues in the comments! Only use the forums!


This section is now represented by the Tickets tab.


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